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My name is Mattias Wilson and for the last seventeen years I have grown up in Jackson Hole Wyoming, which has nurtured my love for not just ski racing, but for skiing in general as I have access to both Snow King mountain resort for its world class training as well as the legendary free skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. And, as I continue to be a student/athlete for Jackson Hole Ski Club I continue to build my athletic and competitive ability to hopefully one day compete at a higher level. 


My last two seasons have been full of the lows and highs of ski racing. At the end of the 2022/2023 after finishing up the speed for U18 nationals, I had herniated my disc in my lumbar spine between L3, L4, after crashing in the GS which had put a dampener on the love I had grown for skiing. Through my competitive nature and my dreams I pushed my way back from this set back through hours of physical therapy and conditioning. I was ready to tackle the 2023/2024 season head on as all the time spent away from skiing had helped me find my love for the sport again. I competed in my first Speed NORAM at Copper Mountain and finished 15th and 16th at these races. This result boosted my confidence going into my first Tech race at JHMR, my home mountain, where I would go onto win a run in slalom. After these races I would come to learn my results from the Copper Mountain Norams had earned me a spot at World Juniors were I would go to compete against future top athletes. This experience came with both humility, but also growth as these higher, much older athletes have shown me what I need to do and continue to do as an athlete to be at that level. With this new experience under my belt came U18 Nationals at both my home resorts. After finishing the tech portions where I was 11th in the Slalom and 14th in the GS came the speed events. After the downhills were cancelled due to a massive storm as well the first superG came one of my happiest moments, winning the superG at U18 Nationals and the overall for U18 nationals at my home hill! Ending off the season at Noram Finals, I would go on to miss the last gate on the only day that we raced downhill due to weather.  These results sent me to Spring Series in Tahoe were I would DNF three races before ending my season off with my best slalom result yet.  


Thank you for all your support

Mattias Wilson,

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