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we want to fund the future of ski racing

More than just another non-profit organization,
the World Cup Dreams Foundation is enabling dreams.

World Cup Dreams Foundation exists so that athletes can be laser-focused on their careers, not fixated on financing them.

WCDF provides funding and support to

snow-sports athletes.

how it works

World Cup Dreams Foundation (WCDF) exists to support, protect and inspire athletes. Financial need is one of the main issues facing many athletes.  WCDF helps athletes raise money for their expenses providing back-end support like donation processing and accounting.  The World Cup Dreams Foundation has three platforms for athletes to receive financial aid; two grants, the T2 On the Rise Grant (YOB 2000-2006, Alpine and XCountry) and the T2 World Cup Grant (all Alpine USST and invitees) and the WCDF platform. The fundraising platform connects potential donors to athletes with illustrated need. WCDF then allocates the funds on an as-needed basis to the athlete. WCDF also supports two professional XCountry teams.

Utilizing the World Cup Dreams Foundation's fundraising platform enhances the athlete's ability to raise money, because historically   donors tend to give more to a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Many potential donors have funds or trusts that restrict donations to a registered non-profit.  In order to manage the funds properly, the correct process must be followed for WCDF to remain compliant with IRS regulations. 

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