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Our mission:


To further the growth and development of the nation’s best athletes by helping them realize their athletic goals and dreams through career management, mentorship and financial support.


Deep in the soul of every athlete is a kid who fell in love with their favorite sport. A love so deep that every minute, of every day, of every season, consumed them until their dreams became a reality.  

More than just another non-profit organization, WCDF considers ourselves enablers of dreams.


 WCDF has granted over $2,000,000 to athletes over the last 5 years and was founded by former US Ski Team athletes, Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy. 


We are by the athlete and for the athlete.  

World Cup Dreams Foundation (WCDF) and T2 Foundation have worked in parallel for more than a decade supporting elite ski racers, who require additional funding. Now the two organizations will merge together as one, serving the race community as World Cup Dreams Foundation under the leadership of executive director Tommy Biesemeyer.

Tommy Biesemeyer

Executive Director




"During my 12 year career with the US Ski Team, injuries became an annual experience resulting in 13 operations over the course of my professional ski career. Even though this sounds like a story of perseverance and determination, the one we all like to root for, but what is often overlooked is the financial burden that is associated with season-ending injuries. This is the reality of our sport and WCDF is going to alleviate those hurdles so athletes like myself can keep their dreams alive!"


Lynn boynton

Director, Grant Allocation



Lynn is partnering with the WCDF to support its overall mission of inspiring and giving back to their athletes. As ongoing Executive Director of Killington World Cup Foundation, she has spearheaded giving out over $1,000,000 in grants. Lynn has been involved in fundraising for the last ten years. She was instrumental in getting the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge built at Pico Mountain in Killington, Vermont. Lynn is excited to work alongside WCDF to help more kids get outside and achieve their dreams. Lynn lives in Rutland, Vermont with her husband and two chocolate labs. Her three children are all former ski racers at GMVS.

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