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Ski Lift


The ARCO Grant is positioned under the  WCDF umbrella to provide merit and needs based support to the nation’s best U16 athletes. ARCO (carving in Italian) is founded by Olympian River Radamus, who believes that grant giving alone does not ensure that talented and committed athletes are able to advance regardless of means. Athlete, family and organizational education and mentoring on how to maximize opportunities and become successful are key.  River learned at a young age that forming habits to take advantage of your local mountain to work on your skiing in addition to the designated training times is the recipe to turning yourself into the ski racer and skier you aspire to become. 

This missed opportunity of efficient use of resources and maximizing all local opportunities is the cultural shift that the ARCO Grant hopes to inspire.

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How to Donate


We can accept payment via CC, ACH, or Paypal. 



 Mail checks to WCDF

  • Check Made out to “World Cup Dreams Foundation"

  • Put ARCO grant in the memo section

  • Send Check to:

World Cup Dreams Foundation

PO Box 248

Keene, NY 12942

OPTION 3: Stock transfer
Call Tommy Biesemeyer at 518.637.1078

WCDF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible in compliance with all applicable IRS regulations.  Every donor to WCDF will receive a letter with our federal tax ID number on it.  They should keep the letter for documentation and consult their tax advisor about the deductibility of the donation.

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