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lila lapanja

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I feel that being a ski racer is my destiny: I was born in a snowstorm, started skiing when I was two, was racing by age six and was named to the U.S. Ski Team when I was sixteen years old. I grew up skiing at Lake Tahoe with my dad, a former racer for Slovenia, as my coach.

This past season, I was able to achieve yet another level of success in my racing. I won my 4th North America Cup (“NorAm”) Overall Slalom Title and secured World Cup starts for this upcoming 2023 World Championship season—even while fighting through a broken ankle injury. I have worked very hard to return stronger and faster for this race season and am ready to showcase my dedication and compete successfully at the highest level.

I have won two National Championship titles, four NorAm Cup Slalom titles, have scored World Cup points, secured guaranteed WC starts for several years and have successfully raced head-to-head against U.S. team members. However, due to their age-based criteria—I am 27 years young—the U.S. Ski Team chose not to grant me an official nomination to the team nor financial support for 2022-23. Therefore, I am fully responsible to independently fund my goals leading into the new Olympic 2026 cycle, while organizing all of my training, racing, travel and team support…and pursuing a college degree.

I am very proud to be a Team Ambassador for the Northstar Alpine Race Team, the Diamond Peak Ski Team and Far West. I want to inspire and teach young racers that an athlete's success is measured not only by the way one can ski under pressure and win; true success is attained through grace, kindness, resilience, enthusiasm and a pure joy of skiing fast.

Thank you for your support and for joining my journey!

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