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Kira's Story

ARCO Grant, under the WCDF umbrella, provides financial assistance to U16 athletes with both merit and need. Founded by Olympian River Radamus, ARCO recognizes that grants alone are insufficient for talented athletes to thrive without financial means. Our mission goes beyond financial support, providing athlete, family, and organizational education and mentoring to maximize opportunities for success. River's own experience taught him the importance of forming habits and utilizing local resources to excel in skiing. The ARCO Grant aims to inspire a cultural shift towards efficient resource utilization and seizing all local opportunities.

Kira Thomas is an On the Rise World Cup Dreams Foundation athlete who suffered a tragic loss. Her father, Aaron Thomas, suffered a TBI while skiing on Dec 5th.  He passed away from the sequela of diffuse axonal injuries to his brain on December 21, 2023.  While Kira is still reeling from this loss, her family is  looking for ways in which they can best continue to support her in her dreams of becoming a World Cup and Olympic athlete.  Please help support this deserving athlete.

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