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From the very beginning my family shared their passion for the outdoors and particularly skiing. As early as 2 years old I was put into ski boots and sent down the slopes. In fact, some of my earliest memories were of skiing! And although I have loved skiing my whole life, my passion for ski racing truly bloomed when I was 12 years old. From there, I was able to grow into the racer I am today, and I look forward to seeing what heights I will reach. But for now, let me tell you my story.


I was born in Clayton, California, but raised in Sunnyvale, California. I lived nearly 4 hours away from the closest mountains... but, at the time, I went to school, did sports, and overall, I was living a normal life. I played competitive soccer, I was on the school basketball team, I was my schools walkathon and tetherball champion, I did well in school, I worked to help the community through different projects with my bestfriend and more. But there was one major difference between me and the others; I was also a ski racer. I drove 7+ hours every weekend in order to ski. Up Friday night, and back home Sunday night. Every. Single. Week. I skied 2 days a week until I was a second year U14, and my life changed.


Covid hit and I transferred to online learning. That year, I was able to live in the mountains for an entire winter because I didn't actually need to be in school! During this time, I got to ski, ski, and ski, and my passion for racing rooted itself into the ground, and began to grow.


Before I knew it, we moved to be closer to the mountains. My first and second year of U16 flew by before I even knew it. During these years, I had some success. In the latter I was 2nd in the Super G at U16 US Nationals, 3rd in the first run of the GS, and 4th overall. I was also ranked as the #1 2007 Downhill skier in the country.


Now, I will go into my first year of FIS with big goals. I will get a top 10 result in a NorAm, qualify for the Youth Olympic games, win at U18 Nationals, and get top 20 at US Nationals, and qualify for the National Development Group. In later years I will go to the Junior World Championships, make it onto the US Ski Team, then go to the Olympics and compete on the World Cup. Not only that, but I am on a mission to continue progressing as I get older. I will improve, I will grow, I will flourish, and bloom into the person and athlete that I have created with the help of my family and friends. 



Thank you for your support!




Julia's Story



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