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Haley Cutler

Haley Cutler


My name is Haley Cutler, I am currently pursuing my goals of racing on the World Cup circuit and qualifying for the 2026 Winter Olympics. 


I grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho where I learned to ski at the age of 3, and I have loved it ever since. As my passion for the sport began to grow, so did my abilities. After graduating high school, I competed competitively on the Nor-Am circuit where I found continued success. However, with finances running short and little options left to pursue my skiing career, I made the courageous decision to go to college where I could continue to ski at a low cost while also earning a degree. 

At the University of New Mexico and Montana State University I competed at the D1 level and found success through both with multiple podiums and NCAA All-American and All-Academic Team nominations. 


A few months after graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I realized my ski racing career was not over and I still have a lot of competing left. I decided I wanted to give it my all again and go back to racing on the Nor-Am and Europa Cup circuits to earn myself a World Cup spot and eventually a ticket to the Olympic Winter Games. 


I have accomplished my goal of earning a World Cup starting position for the 2024/2025 season. Now, once competing on the World Cup, my goal is to break into the World Cup Top-30 Start List to begin to secure a spot on the Olympic team. Finding success on the World Cup circuit takes an immense amount of strength, dedication, and support. With efforts from myself and, very importantly, others, I am determined to make these three pieces the absolute best they can be. 


I am looking for financial assistance because my goals will not be put on hold again. I’ve experienced what it’s like to not have the funding necessary, and taking an alternative path is not an option this time. I have the knowledge, the experience, the passion, the abilities… all I need to make this a reality are the finances.  


My funding gap at the moment is $70,000. I am currently fundraising locally in Sun Valley and plan to use the money from my part-time job to contribute to my funds as well. This journey I’ve embarked on is much bigger than just me, it involves a whole community of support. With a bigger community, comes greater success! Let’s do it together!



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