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As of April 2021, World Cup Dreams Foundation will add T2 Foundation to their organization as the two have decided that joining forces would better serve the athletes and open up new opportunities to positively impact the ski and youth communities. 



The T2 Foundation was founded in 2008 by a group of enthusiastic supporters of U.S. Skiing, who wanted to eliminate the financial stresses of athletes pursuing their dreams. In addition, they saw the opportunity for athletes to give back to the ski community to help growth of the sport and to have a positive impact with youth.


Since then, T2 has supported dozens of athletes who have been able to pursue - and in many cases achieve - their athletic dreams, and those athletes have impacted the lives of thousands of youth from diverse backgrounds. From Olympic gold medalists to NCAA and National Champions, T2 has allocated over $2M in grants to athletes and formed long-standing relationships with ski clubs, public schools and youth organizations.


In joining forces with World Cup Dreams in April of 2021, T2 will continue its work under one powerhouse of an organization. 

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