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My name is Arthur Schwartz, from Lenox, Massachusetts in Western Mass., and
I am totally psyched to be telling a little of my story here. I grew up skiing at Bousquet Mountain where the parks and jumps were made by me and my friends. We had a ton of fun but not a ton of opportunities to progress, but I competed locally and learned on the fly (literally). I eventually got an incredible opportunity to go to Killington Mountain School for Winter Term my Junior and Senior year through the generosity of others, I got a full ride! With a coach and a team I excelled, hanging on all the feedback and encouragement I placed locally and nationally. Last year at Nationals in Copper CO I placed 6th in the country for openclass men which qualified for Rev Tour, giving me the chance I needed to compete with the big dogs. After graduating high school last Spring I moved to Salt Lake City with a friend and joined the Park City Ski and Snowboard team.
My scores this year at Rev aren’t podium-worthy, but to me, they represent hard work and have taught me what it’s going to take to reach my dreams and how dialed in I need to be to get there. My focus this coming season is to podium at a NorAm Cup with my knees and shoulders still intact! One of the hardest things has been the financial commitment, I am grateful to the World Cup Dream Foundation and all my friends and family for recognizing my passion and supporting me financially. Whether you’re letting me sleep on your couch or writing me a
check, all and any support helps and I’m thankful for it!

Super stoked for the opportunity!
Thank you,

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