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ben ritchie



Ben started skiing at 3 years of age and by the age of 6 years he was enrolled in a ski race club at Jay Peak Vermont. Jay Peak Ski Club was a small club with little funding almost on the Vermont Canadian border. The club was small and the com-petition wasn’t sufficient to grow his skills. At the age of 11 it was evident that a change to a more competitive club was needed to provide pacing and competition. He is dedicated, focused and motivated at all times to achieve his set goals as an outstanding ski racer. Therefore, he always strives to work hard and realized early in his sporting career that these qualities are essential. Ben also has an unyielding commitment to conditioning. As an athlete, Ben never seems satisfied with his results and uses that to motivate himself and push harder. Ben is currently a member of the B team of the US Ski Team and has his strengths in the technical disciplines of slalom and giant slalom.

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