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tricia mangan



I am a US Alpine Ski racer and 2018 Olympian currently competing on the World Cup Circuit. Outside of skiing, I am an avid adventurer, enthusiastic friend, and recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Dartmouth College.


Growing up in Buffalo, NY with five siblings, I took an alternative path to the US Ski Team. I opted out of attending a ski academy for financial and family reasons and because I firmly believe this wasn’t the only path to the top. I was a chaotic skier from a tiny mountain in Western New York and only trained a couple of times a week. But I always knew my path made me the underdog and this mindset fueled my passion for always improving myself and my skiing on and off the hill. 


When looking at my results to date, I am most proud of my commitment, passion, and individuality. As I continue my career on the World Cup, I hope to inspire others to step out of tradition and find new ways to create their own speed in ski racing and life.

Thank you for your support!

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