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World Cup Dreams Partners With GiveGo As Part Of Mentorship Program

We are excited to announce a new partnership with on-demand virtual coaching & connectivity platform Givego, which we will be using to connect our elite team of athletes to the up-and-coming junior team as part of our mentorship initiatives.

One of the hallmarks of our program and mission at World Cup Dreams is giving back. We do this in many ways working both inside and outside the organization. This particular partnership with GiveGo will help us connect our junior team (mainly younger athletes) to our elite team (named national team member with World Cup experience.)

Elite World Cup skiers like Lila Lapanja will be able to connect to up-and-coming athletes through GiveGo's platform.

The vertical integration of Givego’s platform will work like this: each member of the World Cup Dreams senior team, which includes Alice Merryweather, Erik Arvidsson, Nina O’Brien, Lila Lapanja and AJ Ginnis, will be mentors to a team of junior athletes, who they can asynchronously connect with, bringing inspiration, encouragement and experience to the greater team.

“The goal is to create a meaningful connection among the team of athletes we are helping to support and to help bring up the younger athletes. Skiers like Alice Merryweather, who has been competing on the World Cup speed tour for more than five years, has a lot of valuable experience to share with a young up-and-comer trying to win at a lower level,” WCD Director, Tommy Biesemeyer said.

The virtual, easy-to-use platform is ideal for our team which is spread out in different locations all around the world at any given time. During busy training and racing seasons connecting athletes to one another in a meaningful way has been a challenge.

Here's what Erik Arvidsson said about the platform: “Givego gives me the chance to connect with the next generation of aspiring skiers and give them the tips I wish I would have gotten when I was their age. It also allows me to earn a little side income no matter where I am traveling in the world to train and compete,” Arvidsson said.

Through use of the Givego app, it’s now easy to connect with mentors, athletes and experts you look up to.

“Helping World Cup Dreams build camaraderie among their team of athletes has been a dream for us. When you surround yourself with people that push you, who have more experience than you, it’s very likely you’ll rise to the occasion and perform better. By connecting the Gold team with the Junior Team, Givego unlocks this very effect. We could not be more excited to be supporting such an important organization,” Willie Ford, Founder of Givego, said.

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