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I started skiing on a pile of snow in my backyard as soon as my feet could fit into the smallest boots. I don’t remember this, but I was told that each time I slid down that little lump of snow my eyes would get huge, then I would burst out laughing and ask to go again. Not much changed after that; I was hooked on the feeling of flying down a mountain. I grew up skiing in Squaw Valley, California in the mighty mite program, spending my winters chasing my friends around the mountain and hunting fresh tracks on powder days. However, I soon realized how fun it is to race around poles on a hill, so I started racing in the more competitive league when I was about 12 or 13. By the time I was 16, I found a deeper passion for the sport. I decided then that I would do everything I could to work my way to the highest level simply because I love the feeling of skiing and I don’t want to lose it anytime soon. 

I doubled up on courses my junior year of high school so I could graduate early and have an extra year to ski without school. After skiing with the western regional team for 3 years, I chose to ski for the University of Vermont to help fund and further develop my skiing. My first year at UVM I was named EISA rookie of the year and placed 3rd in the slalom at the NCAA championships. After continuing to progress my sophomore year, I was sidelined with a back injury at the beginning of my junior year in 2019. I returned to competition in January of 2021 and ended the season with a 3rd in the giant slalom at the NCAA championships. A few months later I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Sciences. Now, with 2 additional years of eligibility, I’m psyched to have the opportunity to continue skiing for UVM while working towards another goal of mine: a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Outside of skiing, I work part time as a server at a local restaurant in Burlington, and I love hiking, blading, drawing, and attempting to play the ukulele. 


Thank you so much for the support!